Thefts, disloyal competition, fraud, counterfeits… exhausted by these crimes having financial and economic impacts on your company, WIN SA gives you the necessary proofs, acceptable in a law court to cope with theses threats and allow you to secure your environments. 

Background check, employees surveillance, private affairs,…, case by case basis or recurrent affairs, WIN SA knows how to emerge the truth you need to take the right decisions.

Our experienced team gives you garantee to :

  • A careful attention to define your needs
  • The rigor of our investigators to restore truth
  • A large network to garantee the reliability of our informations
  • Complete confidentiality to answer your expectations
  • A detailed report given at the end of each mission with all the gathered information


No matter if your a company or a private, our company operates on all areas to statisfy your needs and to give your capital information to protect your interests and assure your security.


You have a doubt, a question ? We have the proof you need ! 

WIN WORLD INTELLIGENCE NETWORK was founded in 2008 and is located 28 Rue de Candolle in Geneva.